Chemicals used in the manufacturing of disposable plastic labware, such as slip agents, plasticizers or biocides, can leach out of the plastic into your sample. Scientific reports show this can lead to erroneous results in down-stream applications. Read more

How tips, tubes and plates can affect your assays

It is nearly impossible to imagine our daily life without synthetic materials. In molecular and biochemical laboratories, consumables made from plastic are used in practically every application.
In 2008 a report in Science by Dr. Andrew Holt and his group from the University of Alberta, Canada, described that chemicals used as manufacturing additives can substantially inhibit enzymatic assays and binding studies by leaching into the sample.

Premium Quality


Only the best is good enough - therefore Eppendorf consumables are produced, handled, stored and delivered according to highest quality standards. Find more information about our outstanding quality as a result of experience and constant development here.

Continuous quality assurance throughout the entire production process – from the initial material to the finished product.

  • Manufactured from carefully selected, purest raw materials which comply with international purity criteria (FDA 21 CFR§177.1520 »Olefin Polymers«, FDA 21 CFR§178.2010 »Antioxidants and Stabilizers for Polymers«)
  • Fully automatic production in clean room conditions according to VDI 2083 class 6 and to U.S. Fed.Stand. 209D class 100.000—continuous bioburden and particle monitoring of the plant for impeccable production environment
  • SOP present for storage and every production step—elimination of human contamination risk
  • Frequent production tool checks plus regular in-process quality and functional checks for consistent quality guarantee and absolute reproducibility
  • Full traceability for each product—full control, each product to be traced back to material lot

Purity Grades


Eppendorf has set industry standards in consumable purity levels. Building on the famous Eppendorf Quality, four additional purity grades tailor our consumables to various applicational needs - Biopur, PCR clean, Sterile - read more here.

Paving the way for modern lab standards

All consumables are subject to internal process controls on function, tightness, precision, transparency, low wetting property and high chemical and thermal resistance. Additionally Sterile, PCR clean and Biopur products are tested by an independent, external analytical laboratory for compliance – lot by lot. The results of these testings are certified in lot-specific certificates.

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